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Top 5 Free Massive Hip Hop presets

There’s plenty of sound designers and synthesists out there releasing freemium massive hip hop presets, it may seem like you have to dig far and wide but with a little hard work you can really find something special that you’ll be able to use over and over again.

Some of the best presets I use have lasted me years and how I get away with using them for so long is through reverse engineering sound! which is ultimately how I taught myself to synthesise from scratch but that’s a subject for another post.

Not being into trap, house or drum and bass like most producers, I know the struggle of finding decent massive hip hop presets when the market is completely crowded with products for hippy kid trends.

While a lot of them may think that Fruity Loops is a breakfast cereal their mum buys, I understand the demand is high and we all have to make money.

Let’s throw that aside for a minute and concentrate on the needs of the hip hop kids.

The Best 10 Hip Hop Massive Presets on The Interwebs…


Revenge Sounds Presents “Pure Hip Hop & RNB Vol 1”

This pack since its release has made a bit of an imprint on Youtube, Revenge Sounds offer a versatile pack with presets suitable for not only hip hop but perfectly suited to blend in with RNB, Trap and Pop tracks too.

The “Pure Hip Hop & RNB Vol 1” pack includes the following presets:

– 11 ARP
– 9 Bass
– 13 Keys
– 10 Leads
– 8 Pads
– 9 Plucks
– Full Macro Control

Bonus Presets

– 1 ARP
– 1 LEAD
– 1 Pluck



Premium Collection – Download all Free Massive Presets at once

hip hop massive presets

A continually updated collection of massive hip hop presets from this pack contains an excellent range of sounds including:

  • 65 Massive Presets – Basses, Leads, SFX, arpeggiator’s
  • And a bonus including a Sylenth Preset and a Battery Kit



Multiplier – 1,400 Massive Presets

hip hop massive presets

Now this one isn’t strictly hip hop, in fact it’s not hip hop at all but I trust you may know a guy named Multiplier, a few years ago I came across a Facebook post that he had put together a folder of 1,400 Massive Presets he had lying around on his hard drive, this guy may not be a hip hop producer but the presets he’s offered here give you a great foundation for deconstructing sounds and making some of your own.



The Mustard Massive Presets Free Download

Another pack making waves on Youtube is “The Mustard Massive Presets” pack having clocked up an impressive 10,748 views this one comes from the legend himself “DJ Mustard”.

The pack includes:

– “The Plucks” enchanting and bassy, and when combined with a memorable melody, it would be hypnotizing.

– “The Bass” modern and classic, hard-hitting 808 and snappy G-funk style bass.

– “The Leads” High pitch portamento style, perfect for riding the bassline for that West coast groove. Plucky leads, a high energy lead which can be layered with the plucks to create more width.

Each patch has all 8 of Massive macros assigned to various parameters, which allows the user to morph and transform each individual sounds into a completely new sound.

Product Specifications:
• Bass: 10 Presets
• Leads: 10 Presets
• Plucks: 30 Presets
• Total Presets: 50 NI Massive Presets
• Genre: Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop



Echo Sound Works – Free Massive Presets

hip hop massive presets

3 sets of presets from the guy we see all over youtube with ADSR “Echo Sound Works” including

  • 75 NI Massive presets for multiple genres
  • 25 Multi-purpose FX presets for NI Massive
  • 35 Synthesised drum presets for NI Massive

I’ve personally rinsed these and always had great results using them on a hip hop track! just sign up to their newsletter and you’ll be taken to the download page.

For more free massive presets keep an eye on our download section. In the mean time download our free funky worm preset.

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