Logic Pro X Quick Tip: Chopping Samples with EXS24

If you’re not an owner of any MPC hardware like Native Instruments Maschine or an AKAI MPC, then I recommend you get one! there’s nothing like loving hip-hop and getting your Just Blaze on.

But if you are just using a regular midi controller then thankfully there’s an alternative then can replicate an MPC-type experience using your keyboard midi controller.

Using Logic’s own transient detection engine you can create quick EXS24 playable sampler tracks in just a few steps and record them as midi regions.

In this tutorial I’ll be chopping up a Hip-Hop Drum Loop at 82 BPM that I intend to use as one-shots to create my own drum pattern.

Step 1 – Highlight Your Imported Audio Sample

chopping samples with exs24

In the arrange window highlight your imported audio sample.

Step 2 – Convert to New Sampler Track

Convert to new sampler track

Now remaining in the arrange view right click on the end of the audio region and select ‘Convert to New Sampler Track’

Step 3 – Transient Markers

chopping samples with exs24

In the pop-up dialogue box, click the button labelled Transient Markers to make sure that the file is sliced using Logic Pro’s Transient detection engine. (it should be selected by default)

Step 4 – Note Range Drop-down menu

Click in the Trigger Note Range drop-down menu to select the point at which you would like your samples to begin on the piano roll. In this example note C1 is selected, (The default options usually work well when chopping samples you intend to flip)

Step 5 – Hit OK.

Still in the same window?… good

Hit OK.

Step 6 – BOOM, BOOM KAT!

Chopping samples with exs24

You will now see that Logic Pro has automatically muted the original audio file and created an EXS sampler track underneath on the arrange page, Which is handy if you’re going to play the sample straight away, the file has now been cut into several smaller files, each of which is allocated to their own keys. The cuts that Logic has made match the transients of each audio and arranged chromatically.

Now you’re free to make edits.

Video Tutorial: Chopping Samples with EXS24

Have fun!

George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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