Logic Pro X Tutorial: Organising Effect Chains (Quick Tip Series)

Organising Effect Chains in Logic Pro X

It’s a common trait in Logic Pro X users, that they don’t know how to Organise their Effect Chains.

In order to keep on top of what’s going on in your session files keeping organised is absolutely essential for improving your workflow and your overallĀ output rate.

To add effects between two existing plugin chains, hover in the middle of two plugins until the small white line appears and click.

To copy a plugin and it’s settings, to a neighbouring channel, hold down Alt while dragging the effect.

To just move it, do the same but refrain from holding Alt.

To duplicate the same effect chain on multiple channels, open the Mixer and hold Command while selecting the channels to which you want to add the effect, before assigning it to an Insert slot on any of the selected channels.


George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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