15 Best Websites To Download Beats For Free

Creating a project if you’re an artist can be an expensive game, even more so if you’re independent and your budget is coming out of your own pocket, so if you could find instrumentals that you can at the very least test out for free, it can make all the difference to how the overall project turns out, so today I want to show you the 15 best websites to download beats for free download.

Bear in mind that many of the producers that make these free beats will have their own terms of use, so in order to save yourself a few headaches and make sure that you know what you can and can’t do.

Before we get started, you should know that this list contains a mixture of marketplace websites and websites run by independent beat leasing producers., in no particular order let’s get started.

1. YouTube

YouTube is obviously the ultimate powerhouse, finding free beats on YouTube is of course unbelievably easy, simply search whatever kind of vibe your feeling whether that be chill or aggressive, or you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon in this industry called “type beats” where producers will make beats in the style of popular artists, so if you anyone in particular in mind starting out here is a good shout.

2. Annodominination.com

Anno Domini Nation is considered one of the most revolutionary beat selling websites of all time, as they are responsible for much of the format that most music producers use today to sell beats online, made up of a team of 10 producers you can find thousands of beats for free download here that span across multiple genres.

3. SoundClick.com

Known as one the first beat selling websites to ever exist, SoundClick as a platform has been responsible for creating the careers of thousands of Producers from around the world, once again much like Anno Domini Nation this website falls into the category of being a marketplace, meaning that sheer amount of beats on their available for free download is within the millions giving the opportunity to connect with an insanely large amount of music producers.

4. YourLocalMusician.com

Your Local Musician first stepped into the beat selling game in 2016, specializing in hip hop beats for sale including mainly Lofi and Chillhop, this website (the one you’re on right now) gives you the option to not only download free beats but to connect with 1 music producer on a personal level, featuring tagged and untagged beats which can be used for free for non-profit purposes only, you can easily upgrade your license by purchasing a full lease from our Beat Store, Sign up for a free beat here.

5. BeatBrokerz.com

Considered one of the biggest underdogs of the beat selling marketplace world. Beat Brokerz has been around for a number of years and is home to thousands of Music Producers selling beats and thousands of Artists looking for beats, if you’re not 100% on the type of genre you want to download you can easily spend hours scrolling through the website to find just the right beat for you.

6. Airbit.com

Previously known as MyFlashStore, Airbit is one of the top players in the beat selling marketplace business, just like SoundClick, Beat Brokers, and others on this list the possibility of finding free beats here that you love is virtually never-ending, as one of the most popular platforms in the industry millions of producers from around the world use their service and millions of artists flood to Airbit on a monthly basis too copp the latest releases, so if you need beats on the regular websites like this are a very reliable place to source them from.

7. BeatStars.com

Perhaps probably the most well known on this list is, of course, Beat Stars, I could almost just copy and paste my remarks on Airbit for Beat Stars as the two are pretty well matched into terms of functionality and availability of free beat downloads, if you have hours spare BeatStars is, without doubt, another one of those websites where you can find yourself just mindlessly listening to beat after beat.

8. ReverbNation.com

Reverb Nation has no doubt fallen out of favor with a lot of its users over the past number of years but in my opinion is still a great option for hunting through free beats and still have a great niche audience where you can a lot more than beats, here you can also network with artists and promote your own shows.

9. CurtissKingBeats.com

If you’ve been on YouTube within the last couple of years you will have no doubt of heard of Curtiss King, he’s known for giving honest and practical advice to thousands of Artists and Music Producers through his motivational content which for him has amassed a huge following, by signing up to his email list you can receive free beats as well as a bunch of other practical gems that will greatly help you with your music career.

10. Datpiff.com

Known as the best resource for distributing free mixtapes, DatPiff is actually littered with free beats that you can download for free, all you have to do is search Beats and you’ll be presented with plenty of options to choose from, however policies will change project to project which will determine how you can use the beats, so be sure to look through the beats and understand what you can and can’t do, if you’re unsure try getting in touch with the producer.

11. 5amsounds.com

5 AM Sounds hasn’t been in the beat selling game long but he is one of the most talented UK producers we’ve come into contact with, downloading a free beat from 5 am sounds is easy simply go to his beat store, hit the downward arrow enter your email address to have it delivered straight to your inbox, 5 am sounds makes a mix of different genre’s but his stand out productions are definitely “Dark Trap”

12. Utilitybeats.com

Utility Beats is an excellent producer with a mountain load of beats available on his site, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact genre he produces but he defiantly dips between a handful that I think any could find a fit for in their upcoming projects, to download 5 free beats, simply hit the green button on his home page and enter your email address to have the beats sent straight to your inbox.

13. 9DMBeats.com

9DM Beats is a rapper and music producer from Washington State, with a long list of credits and a big catalog he really puts in an impressive amount of work, he makes a multitude of genres that fit perfectly both west coast and east coast artists, to download a free beat from 9DM just simply hit the down arrow on any beat from within his beat player.

14. PogoBeats.com

Pogo Beats is an amazing producer and BBoy from India, this man makes a wide range of genres with some impressive switch-ups and a very unique approach, if you sign up to his email list then you’ll instantly receive 7 free beats! that’s a deal that you would be silly to turn down.

15. LegionBeats.com

I’ve been a huge fan of Legion Beats for a LONG time, they are one of the industry’s most well-known production teams and provide a whole lot more than just beats to artists, to download 5 free beats all you have to do is subscribe to them on Facebook Messenger.


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