How To Sell Beats | Advice From The Elites

Today what I intend for you to learn will not come from me, but out of the minds of some of the most interesting and successful people in the beat leasing industry.

From the 5 videos below, you’ll learn how some of the industries most successful producers are doing it and how you can replicate the same strategies for your own producer business.

If your objective is for your audience to buy beats then these videos are a perfect guide to get started.

In no particular order, let’s get started.

1. How To Sell Your 1ST BEAT As A Music PRODUCER

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In this video, #Producerneur Curtiss King explains how to sell your first beat and what can separate you from other producers and stand on your own two feet, Is your traffic targeted to the right people? are your beats even ready for sale?


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KyleBeats is a recent favourite of mine, In this video Kyle explains how he made a living from selling beats in only 4 months by utilizing Instagram Direct Messages and finding the right artists manually.

3. Producer Marketing: HOW TO SELL BEATS ONLINE (PT. 1) | How To Make Money Online As a Music Producer

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In this video Internet Money breaks down a golden 5 step process for improving your skills as a producer and creating a brand around your beats.

4. How To Sell Beats – Instagram Secret

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Instagram is perhaps one the most effective platforms for selling beats but yet is still heavily underutilised by producers, In this video, LifeStyleDidIt breaks down how to set up paid Instagram promotions that produce growth at almost lighting speeds and how to also replicate the same results manually for FREE.

5. How To Make Money Selling Beats

In this video super producer KatoOnTheTrack sits down with BeatStars Founder & CEO Abe Batshon and discusses the process behind building a community around your production.

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