Can I use beats free for non-profit use?

The ability to use free beats for non-profit use depends entirely on the producer that you’re working with, a fair amount of producers do allow this but you will find an odd amount of other producers that may not allow it in their terms, meaning that you will have to purchase a lease for the beat that you want to use.

Regardless of anything, it’s important that you understand what this actually means.

What you can do.

When you download one of our free beats, you are entitled to record a song over it and distribute it to non-monetary environments, i.e. you can record a video and upload it to YouTube but you CAN NOT monetize the video with ads, when you upload a video using one of our Instrumentals that you haven’t purchased a lease for your video will be hit with a copyright strike, ads will then be placed on the video and the revenue generated from your views will go straight to us.

You can download a free beat from us and perform a show, but you will probably weird out the crowd by performing over a tagged beat.

What you can’t do.

You can NOT by any means, upload the song to streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music unless you have purchased a lease.

You can not record a mixtape or an album, press it to cd or vinyl and distribute physical copies of the project.

You can not monetize via YouTube Ads, or upload and Monetise through platforms such as SoundCloud or Audiomack and so on.


George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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