5 Best Instrumental Playlists on Spotify To Submit To

If you’re looking for some of the best instrumental playlists on Spotify to submit your music to, we have the answer for you.

Your Local Musician has recently launched a new platform called Chill Beats Records that helps to connect artists with listeners and listeners with artists.

With more than 3 billion user generated Spotify playlists, artists should never have to rely on landing their music in a big editorial Spotify playlist.

Can you submit your tracks to Spotify editorial playlists?

Absolutely, it’s as easy as submitting your track for consideration through Spotify for Artists.

But here is the negative part, Spotify say that you should submit your track to their editorial teams at least 4 weeks prior to it’s release, but out of the hundreds of artists I know, only 1 has ever made it on one of these playlists, and stayed there for a very short period of time.

So, it’s safe to say, do not boycott what Spotify tells you to do, but also do not rely on it.

Having your instrumentals placed on a great playlist that attracts thousands if not millions of listeners, is only going to result in great exposure for your artist brand.

Our platform is a genuine shortcut for you the artist to gain real streams from real listeners, so here are our top 5 instrumental playlists that you can submit your music to.

All playlists are updated weekly with new lo-fi hip hop, making it easier for you to relax, study or sleep to the perfect music for the occasion.

1. Lo-fi Guitar Beats


Listen to hours of the finest Lo-fi Guitar Beats, from industry players and producers, sink into a state of complete euphoria, and take in some of the finest lo-fi guitar music todays modern music industry has to offer.

Listen on Chill Beats >>

2. Chill Gaming Beats


This collection is a list classic essentials that form the perfect playlist for any gaming session

Relax and find complete focus with hours of beats for gamers, complete your next mission in style with our exclusive collection of instrumentals from Industry lo-fi producers.

Listen on Chill Beats >>

3. Soft Lo-Fi Music


Relax listening to a selection of Soft Lo-fi Music, perfect for studying, relaxing or sleeping.

If you make melodically stripped back lo-fi beats then this instrumental playlist would be a great fit for your music.

Listen on Chill Beats >>

4. Calming Instrumental Music


Relax listening to a selection of calming instrumental music, featuring an array of slow lo-fi, chill-hop instrumentals and array of captivating background music, featuring guitar, piano, nature sounds and much more.

Enjoy hours of soothing instrumental music, that will help you find your centre help you with studying or ease you to sleep.

If you release music that covers a wide range of different genre’s this instrumental playlist attracts a wide range of niche followers.

Listen on Chill Beats >>

5. Chill Beats to study to


Find complete focus with this vast collection of chill lo-fi music that will help you find your centre, absorb information and make it feel like everything else has sunk into the background, as a result putting you in the right mood for studying.

If your music relaxes people so much they find themselves feeling completely immersed in it and allows them to focus, your track could be a great fit for this playlist.

Listen on Chill Beats >>

How do I submit a track to a playlist?

Submitting a track to be released through Chill Beats Records is simple, all you have to do is head over to their submissions page and fill out the details.

Overall the goal of creating this type of modern music label is to streamline the promotional process for something that most artists find challenging, instrumental music.

By connecting musicians with listeners and listeners with new favourite musicians, Chill Beats is soon to become a key player in the success of many independent artists by providing them with access to instant distribution.

George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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