The 5 Best KONTAKT Libraries for Hip Hop in 2017

2017 was a great year for Kontakt virtual instruments, In particular, if what you’re looking for is a selection of the best Kontakt libraries for hip hop production to make purchasing something new an easier ride,  you’ve come to the right place.

All libraries listed below are of the highest quality and produced by industry professionals.

To own the best doesn’t always mean you have to pay the most, This list is about showing you the best places to buy the most complex hip hop Kontakt libraries that are both cost-effective and rich in features as well as quality.

Please Note: These products require a full version of Kontakt 5.6.5 or higher.

1. BEASTMODE Kontakt Library by 2DEEP

BEASTMODE from 2DEEP I believe is one of the best Kontakt libraries for urban producers around, packed with 10 royalty-free pre-chopped samples, BEASTMODE is production ready straight out of the box.

Labelled as “The Ultimate Production Tool” by Modern Producers, BEASTMODE features melodic loops, 25 drum loops, all chopped up and assigned to pads.

All pre-configured sample slices are completely customize-able and can be set to have a different volume, pitch or pan, giving you complete control.

Product Includes:

  • Kontakt Library
  • 25 High-Quality Chopped & Assigned Drum Loops
  • 10 High-Quality Chopped & Assigned Samples
  • 100% Royalty-Free

More Details: BEASTMODE

2. URBAN 808 Kontakt Library by The Producers Choice

Urban 808’s from The Producers Choice has been one of my favourites Kontakt Libraries for a long time ago and I can easily see it being included in the 2018 version of this list, including 23 808 Kontakt Instruments, mapped out across your keyboard. Each instrument has its own unique character making this library perfect for a multitude of urban genres. Urban 808’S is not only a library of insane 808 basses, it also includes a range of high quality 808 percussion instruments such as: 808 claps, snares, toms, cowbells, hats and much more.

1 fantastic selling point of Urban 808’s is that each instrument is 100% perfectly processed, eliminating ever having to put up with unwanted noise, cracks or pops, as soon you purchase the library just get straight to business and start creating some face melting music! (no funny business, just the way i like it)

Product Includes:

  • 23 808 Kontakt Instruments, mapped out across your keyboard.
  • Bonus – 808 Percussions Kontakt Instrument – Including polished, perfect 808 claps, snares, toms, cowbells, hats and more.


3. Cassette Keys.01 Kontakt Library by THEPHONOLOOP

Perhaps the most unique of the bunch, Cassette Keys.01 is hands down one of the best Kontakt libraries of 2017 and deserves a crown in its own right.

If you’re a fan of synth hardware modelling Cassette Keys.01 is a Kontakt library that should be in your collection without any hesitation, A unique mixture of physical modelling and FM synths recorded on cassette with a crappy old cassette recorder (just the way I like it) makes this library perfect for creating an old school hip hop vibe.

With sounds spread over your keyboard from C0 to E6 and 4 levels of velocity, the GUI is close to copy catting that of a classic hardware synth. (If you’re a true hardware nutt you’ll understand what I mean)

Every note of the instrument has been perfectly de-noised in order to avoid noise stacking when playing more than one note at once, however if you want to add noise to your sound in order to include more variety to it’s character, this can be done by using the noise slider, this way adds much more flexibility and the ability to adjust the volume of the noise independently whilst also applying parameters such as filtering.

Product Includes:

  • 848 MB of samples (452 MB after lossless Kontakt compression)
  • Editable ‘Sample Start’ parameter (mapped to Mod Wheel)
  • Simulated round-robin
  • REV (reverse) mode
  • Mono mode
  • 4 velocity layers
  • One-page interface for easy and fast sound design
  • 30 presets

More Details: Cassette Keys.01

4. Real Strings Vol. 6 – Broken Chords Kontakt Library by Organic Loops

Real Strings Vol. 6 – Broken Chords is a great Kontakt library from well-known providers Organic Loops, containing a vast library of violin loops performing rolling arpeggios raging from 100 – 120 Bpm, making it perfect for a multitude of urban genres.

Including 94 chord patterns recorded across 4 bars covering major, minor, and open 5th chords, as well as unusual patterns like augmented, diminished and sus chords. The pack also includes sustained notes with rising and falling dynamics.

With this much variety of choice, the possibilities are endless, Real Strings Vol. 6 has the ability to allow producers to cleverly switch key of each loop, Tempo changes are not a problem as the instrument will use Kontakt 5’s ability to follow your DAWs tempo.

Product Includes:

  • 980MB of content
  • 214 Arpeggiated Loops
  • 1 Kontakt 5 Scripted Instrument Preset
  • 214 Rex2 Files
  • Apple loop version with the Kontakt 5 instrument is also available for purchase, separately.

More Details: Real Strings Vol. 6 – Broken Chords

5. Exhale by Output

First released in 2015, Exhale from Output is the worlds first Modern Vocal Engine powered by Kontakt, In the 2 years since it’s release, Output has made some huge updates adding extensively to its range of expansion packs.

Over the past few years, Exhale has been my go-to tool for high-quality vocal chops and with every update Exhale’s capabilities have grown further and it features leap beyond expectation.

Product Includes:

  • 500 Unique Presets
  • 3 Modes: Notes, Loops & Slices
  • 10 GB raw material
  • Custom FX Presets
  • Custom Macros Per Preset
  • NKS Support
  • Snapshots for Maschine
  • Macro Editing
  • Main and Engine Pages
  • Automatable Insert and Mod FX

More Details: Exhale by Output

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