The 5 Best Lo-fi Sample Packs

Lo-fi Hip Hop is, without a doubt, an obsession of mine, I’ve heard a lot of people say in the past that the music you listen to often reflects the person that you are, and when you really think about it the sentiment is entirely true.

I’ve always been an incredibly chill personality, not much annoys me, I’m incredibly easy going and don’t really get hung up on the things that most people mull over.

To put it simply, I’m in this life for an easy life, I haven’t got any time for drama.

One day I was talking with my friend Curtiss King from Slap Experts in his private community about the music I was making, I felt like it didn’t connect with my personality and that’s when he dropped a bomb on me, you’re not here for the hype, are you?.

The truth is I was trying to keep up with what’s popular and half of what’s popular today like the trap scene, I don’t even listen to, that’s when I decided to fully commit to the genre I love and not pay attention to anything else out there, and that is Lo-fi Hip Hop.

So without further a due, here are 5 of the best Lo-fi Sample Packs that I have either personally tried and tested myself or created from scratch.

1. The Panda Kit by Your Local Musician

chill lofi drum samples

The Panda Kit is a Chill Lo-fi Drum Kit made out of recorded sounds from my 2009 YELLOW Fiat Panda, these sounds are perfect for any producer that needs raw unique sounding drums for their beats.

Featuring 74 samples in total, the drums in this kit were recorded using only a Zoom H4n Pro field recorder and modulated using a variety of third-party plugins and mixed to absolute perfection!

Here’s What You’ll Find In The Box:

  • 15 Kicks
  • 18 Snares
  • 10 Hi-Hats
  • 10 SFX
  • 5 Drum Loops
  • 5 MIDI Drum Loops
  • 7 Bonus Loops & 4 BONUS MIDI Files

You can purchase The Panda Kit here for $20.

2. The First by Your Local Musician

chill guitar sample pack

Production-ready and loaded with 30 smooth guitar loops that are guaranteed to bring one hell of a vibe to your next beat or song, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a producer in need of inspiration or you’re just looking for that missing element that your production is begging for, This chill guitar sample pack is The First of many that will have you locked in the studio for hours catching a vibe.

If you make any genre’s such as Chill Hop or Lo-fi, then The First – Chill Guitar Sample Pack was made with YOU in mind.

All samples in this pack are 100% Royalty-free meaning that you don’t have to pay any extra if you land a commercial placement, feel free to upload songs to streaming platforms or YouTube or even sell a beat on your beat store.

All samples were played and composed by me George Matthews a producer and multi-instrumentalist with 10+ years experience.

What’s Inside?

  • 15 Processed Electric Guitar Loops
  • 15 Dry Electric Guitar Loops

You can buy The First here for $7.50

3. Late Night Lo-fi by BYKER

The 5 Best Lo-fi Sample Packs 1

Lofi music has never been bigger than it is today! In fact, it’s not uncommon for YouTube promo channels or Spotify playlists to reach millions of listeners.

To make sure “Late Night Lofi” comes only with top-notch sounds, BVKER and his sound-design team have carefully studied the most successful songs of the genre.

The result is an all in one solution, including everything you need to make a chill Lofi beat.

To top things off you’ll get access to 40 high quality Serum presets and trackouts of all 4 demos beats.

Get your hands on this essential Lofi Toolkit right now!

Pack Contents:

109 Drum Loops

  • 20 Full Drum Loops
  • 5 FX Noise Loops
  • 20 Hat Loops
  • 20 Kick Loops
  • 13 Perc Loops
  • 11 Shaker Loops
  • 20 Top Loops

90 Drum Oneshots

  • 20 Hats
  • 20 Kicks
  • 20 Percs
  • 10 Shaker
  • 20 Snares

15 FX

  • 5 Atmospheres
  • 10 Sweeps
  • 74 Melodic Loops:
  • 23 Piano Loops
  • 25 Synth Loops
  • 27 MIDI Loops

40 Serum Presets

4 Construction Kits (39 total files)

  • 4 Demo Beats
  • 24 Audio Stems
  • 11 MIDI Stems

Total Number Of Files:

  • 367

You can buy Late Night Lo-fi here for $20.

4. Lo-fi Illusion by W. A. Productions

The 5 Best Lo-fi Sample Packs 2

Lofi Illusion from W. A. Production is an audio sample pack that delivers a 1950’s Motown feel with a 1960’s psychedelic approach to Lo-Fi. Inspired by such artists as Knowledge, Sleepy Fish, Jinsang, and Lofty with the professional sounding quality to match.

Are you ready? Then let’s kick back and relax to the smooth vibes of dreamy chimes, jazzy pianos, and some old school lounge percussion. We believe we have captured and mastered the sound generated from a phonograph, gramophone and record player. The ever so sought after sound that is made by a needle embracing every curve on a vinyl record.

Liberate your mind and revitalize your creative design with this lo-fi delight that comes with snazzy snares, sizzling hi-hats, muffled kicks, vintage hits, gently flowing streams of water, realistic sounds of rain as if falling onto different structure types and airy atmospheres. Hear softly strummed strings, dazzling plucks and plenty of bluesy accents for a soothing sway.

Capture your ideas and enjoy creating a laid back lo-fi daydream when you choose from any of the included snaps, claps, single notes, and chords. The sounds instruments such as a guitar, fretless bass, Rhodes piano, an organ, a flute as well as distinctive sub-bass and different types of bells and chimes.  With multiple options and variations, we guarantee no 2 mixes will sound the same.

So keep the vibe chill with the unrestricted pleasure of Lo-Fi sounds that you’ll only find inside of What About: Lofi Illusion from W. A. Production.

Pack details:

  • 50 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
  • 50 Synth Shots
  • 50 Serum Presets
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 10 Kicks
  • 15 Claps & Snares
  • 14 Percussion
  • 11 Cymbals
  • 20 FX
  • 100% Royalty-Free

You can buy Lo-fi Illusion here for $19.90

5. Lo-fi Beats by Vol 1 by Osaka Sound

The 5 Best Lo-fi Sample Packs 3

Osaka Sound proudly presents Lofi Beats Vol. 1, jam-packed with dusty drum hits and loops. This astonishing sound bank provides the most versatile drum collection to date, with beats ranging from vintage, jazz-y ones to modern, boombap-ish bangers.

All of the drum loops are drag-and-drop ready, ideal for any beatmaker or rapper. Lofi Beats Vol. 1 will take your drums to brand new heights!

Product details:

  • 120 Drum Loops
  • 40 Drum One Shots

DISCLAIMER: This pack only includes drum loops. Melodic parts in demo are not included in this pack.

You can buy Lo-fi Beats Vol 1 here for $9.90.

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