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What's Special About This Online Mixing Service?

Whether you're looking to get your home projects mixed professionally or you need help to tighten up a song ready for release, this online mixing service is ideal for music producers, artists and engineers that can't attend an in studio session.

Professional Online Mixing That Guarantee's You A Radio Ready Product. 

A professional mix is key to the success of your song or project at Your Local Musician we guarantee you a radio-ready product that is mixed to perfection using industry standard plugins and hardware in an acoustically treated environment which ensures that we deliver the best sonic listening experience for Streaming, CD and Vinyl.

Our Service Includes

Vocal Mixing

All of our mixing packages include Vocal Tuning, Comps, Pitch-Correction, FX, Compression, EQ and much more.

Instrumental Mixing

Our Advanced and Premium packages include tracked out instrumentals stems which we will be mixed to perfection!


Take advantage of a limit of 5 revisions that you can use if you'd like to make changes to your mix.

Reference Mixing

We can use reference tracks that you send us in order to match your inspiration, ensuring we give you exactly what you want.

Basic MIX

Simple, fast and effective mix


  • No Instrumental Stems
  • 10 Vocal Stems or Less
  • 5 Free Revisions
  • Full Mix
  • Delivered In 3 to 7 Days

For those working on a big project


  • Tracked Out Instrumental
  • 70 Stems or Less
  • 5 Free Revisions
  • Full Mix
  • Radio Edited Version
  • Delivered In 7 to 14 Days

Listen To Audio Examples:

Our in-house engineer Harlz has an impressive discography working in a multitude of different genre's, Having produced, mixed and mastered sessions with Weirdoe, Ironik, J Kaz, Ray Gemini & Li-Likeisaid.

Service Overview

We know that if this is your first time using an online mixing service, the prospect of sending your files out as well knowing when deadlines are due can be a little confusing, so here is a breakdown of how we work from start to finish.

  1. 1
    Pick & Order your service, select what service you would like to purchase from the pricing tables above and then hit the Add To Cart button and check out.
  2. 2
    Sending us your files,  Once you have paid for your service, you will then receive an email with instructions and a link to where you can safely upload your music and send it to us. 
  3. 3
    Confirming your due date. Once we have received your files we will then send you an email confirming a date for when you can expect your files to be delivered, please note that it will always be within the time frame stated on our pricing tables.

HARLZ  //  Music Producer & Engineer

My name is Harlz, I have been producing and engineering for 10+ years and have been fortunate enough to have a career with lots of ups that continue to this day.

I run a professional studio environment that is equipped to ensure that your song sounds the best it can be.

You Know Harlz Made It

Customer Testimonials:

online mixing service

I couldn't recommend his services more...

Harlz has producers, mixed and mastered all of my commercial releases from the past 3 years, I couldn't recommend his services more. 

weirdoe //  Recording Artist // Follow Him On Instagram

online mixing service

The best engineer I've ever worked with...

Myself and Harlz have collaborated on several projects in the last few years, he is without doubt the best engineer I've ever worked with, if you're looking for a quality mix, Harlz is the man for the job. 

RAY GEMINI  // Recording Artist // Follow Him On Instagram


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our product that we will guarantee you 100% satisfaction and offer limited revisions.

Your Local Musician

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