Angelic Vibes – The Sound Designers With a Dark Side

Give Your Music Atmosphere & Texture.

The Trap Massive Presets Bundle Pack from Angelic Vibes is a comprehensive collection of Massive presets that add atmosphere and unique texture to your music.

The contents of the pack include 5 sample packs from the growing collection that angelic vibes offer, including 808 Madness, Dark Alchemy 1 & 2, Lightwork and White Hot.

Later on, I’ll break down the contents of each pack but first, I’ll get into the obligatory introduction of who AV are! why you should keep your eye on them and how they’re different from other sample pack providers.

Who are Angelic Vibes?

Based in Houston, TX AV is headed up by sound designer and producer Devin Rameriez. AV is what I would class as a niche sample pack provider. Most other providers focus on creating sounds for every genre under the sun! AV, however, focus on providing atmospheric sounds tailored for both Hip Hop and Trap.

I got in contact with Devin, and he provided me with a quote on why AV was started:

We love making sounds and melodies so we thought “Hey, why not do this for other producers?” Thus, we created AngelicVibes (which is basically the vibe I go for in all my packs. A dark/atmospheric type) to provide producers with some sick sounds and samples that will help and inspire them during their beat making process.

Devin Ramirez

Devin has realised there’s a gap in the market for Hip Hop producers and is fully on the offence for creating a go-to place for producers in his genre.

When AV first caught my attention, what surprised me the most was the market they have settled themselves in, niching out to exclusively Hip Hop and Trap producers, they know the market they’re attacking and exactly what the consumer wants.

AV set themselves aside from competition, rather than trying to compete they have placed themselves in a specific market and focus on what they know best and do what they love the most.

When you think of sound pack providers the first to come to mind might be Loopmasters?

Loopmasters is a HUGE marketplace for sound packs, meaning that anything you’re looking for you can probably find it on there. I have however spent countless hours on their site sifting through BS until I eventually get to sounds I want.

But if your style of beat making has a dark undertone, then AV is the provider you want to keep your eyes on, providing quality sounds at accessible prices.

Anyway, there’s no point in raving about these guys If I don’t show what you get when you buy a sample pack from them.

What’s Included?

When I go on the hunt for sounds I want to know that I’m getting the most value possible for my money.

When I first came across AV I was on the lookout for the most atmospheric presets I could find.

(to specify as good as I can, think of the signature OVO sound)

I wanted to add a layer of depth to a project I was working on. To me, the sort of feeling I could compare it to the most is the same kind of feeling you hear in music from OVO.

The Trap Massive Bundle Presets Bundle Pack looked like it would fit my needs pretty well.

Inside there are 5 sample packs from the collection that AV offers:

1. 808 Madness

angelic vibes

808 Madness is my favourite out of the 5, containing 40 Massive presets. These 808’s are f**king face melting

Straight out of the box most 808’s I’ve found are quite frankly terrible and perform poorly when it comes to dynamic control!

808 Madness, however, fits perfectly in every situation I’ve used them in, without me needing to make hardly any changes.

Listen to the preview below to check out how they sound (hold onto your face).



2. Dark Alchemy

angelic vibesDark Alchemy 2 is action packed with intense sounds including hard hitting 808s, transition effects, beautifully crafted bells, shimmering OVO type pads and melodic arpeggios.

DA 2 adds a nice element of atmospheric tone to my beats, and the leads add far more tonal quality than any other leads I’ve used in the past.

Check out the example stems below:




3. White Hot

Angelic Vibes - The Sound Designers With a Dark Side 2White Hot is filled with some pretty crazy sounds including SFX and leads. I went with a secondary lead for my beat to see if i could spice things up and make it all go a bit bad shit crazy.

Listen to the stem track below:




4. Lightwork

angelic vibes


Lightwork is a stunning collection of bells and pads. For this example, i decided to use one of the bells with my beat, As I found when constructing the track these particular bells complimented the existing lead nicely.

Listen to the stem track below:



Is it of value?

Priced at only $34.95 the Trap Massive Bundle Pack for me was an excellent first buy. Collectively, all 5 sample packs sold individually equal a total of $55.80 which means a saving of just over $21.

If you’re on the darker side of the force Angelic Vibes is the sample pack provider you should be keeping your eye on, to give a clearer view of how the Trap Massive Bundle Pack sounds used in a beat. Listen to the preview track below that I’ve put together.



Buy the Trap Massive Bundle Pack here and follow Angelic Vibes on Facebook for future updates.

You can also download sample packs, Guitar Loops, MIDI Kits and Melody Loops from Your Local Musician here.


George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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