4 Best Preset Packs on Modern Producers

There are two options when it comes to having a great sound, you either make it, or you buy it.

Like my missus enjoys buying a new shirt or something shiny for the house, I enjoy seeing what’s new out there from my favourite sound designers.

One of the most annoying things about producers for me is that I see a constant rise of more and more people giving excuses for not buying the sounds they want, well children nothing in this world comes for free, If you find yourself saying I want this sample pack but I’m not willing to invest in my craft, then it’s time you rather give up or put in some extra shifts at McDonalds and start taking your passion seriously.

Today I want to show you 4 of the best-preset packs I’ve purchased throughout 2020 from one of the fastest-growing aggregators in the music industry, Modern Producers.

1. TrapSoul Sylenth1 Bank

best preset packs for hip hop

Created by popular preset designer DJ Shawdi P this release is tailored toward R&B, Trap, Trap Soul, Chill or Future beat producers, Inspired by the sounds of Bryson Tiller this pack contains a punch the second you open it.

Containing 48 custom-made presets, this pack is for sylenth users wanting to add a unique texture to their music and create ultra chill beats, take a seat back and let your vocalist ride sh*t out of your beat, you won’t regret a thing picking up this pack.

Buy it Now – TrapSoul Sylenth1 Bank

2. OVO Future RnB Vol.3

best preset packs

Bought to you by Echo Sound Works, OVO Future RnB Vol.3 is the final installment of the OVO Future series, I first purchased Volume 1 over a year ago and loved it so much I scooped up Volume 2 within 3 hours on the same day.

Containing 95 Massive Presets tailored towards genres such as Future RnB, RnB, and Hip Hop, Inspired completely by the OVO label, If you want the blue print sound of artists like Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR or The Weeknd then this pack can help you as much as it helps me!

What’s Included?

  • 95 Massive Presets (All 8 macros assigned on every preset)
  • 75 Drum Samples in WAV Format
  • 45 MIDI Files (Key and Preset Labelled)
  • 3 Royalty-Free Acapella Hooks by Luna Blake
  • 8 Kontakt Instruments

Buy it Now – OVO Future RnB Vol.3

3. XO Musik Bundle

XO Musik Bundle

Diverting slightly from the previous 2 packs, ‘XO Musik Bundle‘ from Jungle Loops is perfect for those of you like your sound a bit harder than Chilled Future R&B.

Containing: 10 Construction Kits and one Sylenth bank. This pack includes the hidden elements you need to start making beats fit for the likes of Big Sean, Mac Miller, Juicy J, and a whole bunch more.

‘XO Musik Bundle’ from Jungle Loops includes 10 Construction Kits and one Sylenth bank. This monstrous bundle includes all you need to produce hits like a
This pack is superbly organized and includes some mind-blowing sounds, including beefy, signature sub 808 inspired sounds, synths, bass, kicks, snare, claps, hats and percussion loops. It’s like picking a big bag of pick n mix.

What’s Inside:

• 24-Bit WAV & MIDI
• All tempos & key signatures included
• 10 Multi-tracked Construction Kits
• 35 Sylenth1 Presets in 1 Full FXB Bank

4. The Shady Secret Pack Vol.2

best preset packs
To me this is one of the best-preset packs around, Volume 2 of The Shady Secret is brought to you by LBandyMusic and is easily one of the rarest sound packs you’ll ever come across, depicting the sound of Eminem, Dr. Dre and G-Unit, The Shady Secret has the power to bring back the sound of the early noughties and rekindle your love for some of Hip Hop‘s greatest artists.

What’s Included?

7 Construction Kits:

Also included:

  • 229 One-Shot Hits (Full Drum & Percussion Kit)
  • 22 Midi Files
  • 2 Sylenth1 Banks ( 476 + 128 Presets )
  • 12 Multi-Sample Instruments
  • 2 Fl Presets

Buy it Now – The Shady Secret Pack Vol.2

If I could prioritize any of this list, I would say that you need to pick up The Shady Secret Today!

It may not be fitting to the genres everyone is making today, but if there is an old school hip hop head still in you, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

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George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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