If I lease a beat can I put it on Spotify?

One of the most common questions i get from artists before they consider leasing a beat from me is “If i lease a beat can I put it on Spotify?”

The short answer is YES!

In most situations the answer will be also be yes from other producers, i have come across one or two producers in the past that don’t allow you to put music up for streaming, but that kind of defeats the entire point of it right!

We’re in a digital age, the vast majority of music nowadays is no longer consumed by CD or tape, Vinyl sounds are on the rise but they are nothing in comparison to streaming.

Most of the time when you lease a beat online you’ll have free-rain to do with it pretty much anything that you want.

That includes:

  • Put your song up for streaming
  • Press it to CD or Vinyl
  • Upload a music video to YouTube
  • Perform live
  • Share it to your social media profiles

It is worth noting though, we do restrict the amount of both physical sales and digital sales i.e. CD sales, Itunes, Amazon Music, things like that.

Once you reach a certain amount of sales, say for instance 5000, which is the capped amount for our MP3 lease, you’ll have to either renew your lease or buy the exclusive for the beat that you leased.

But just to summarise the answer to the question at hand, If I lease a beat can I put it on Spotify? yes, all the way yes, and that includes ALL major streaming platforms, this is your music and we don’t like to restrict the artists that work with us, we encourage you to go as hard as you can with promoting the projects that you make using our beats.

When you shop with me, you’ll get a lot more than just a beat, i’m generally interested in hearing what you do with my music, so you can expect emails, from me asking how the project is coming along, and of course i’ll do what i can to promote it.

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George Matthews
George Matthews

With 17 Years music production experience, George Matthews is the CEO of Your Local Musician, he also makes music under the name Grimmm and releases Lo-fi music.

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