How To Import Session Data In Logic Pro X

Need to grab a sound, some MIDI or automation data, or a whole channel setup from another project? Here’s how to make yourself a master of imports…

Step 1

We’re starting with a basic sequence incorporating a pulsing sub bass, a plucked synth line, a beat loop and a Solina-style string line. Now we want to add something we created in another project.

Step 2

We can browse to the relevant track without having to leave this project. Click Browsers in the top right-hand corner, then All Files. Browse to the location and double-click the relevant Logic Pro X project.

Step 3

Click the Content for the sound(s) you want – and, if you like, the auxiliary effects and automation you used, too, then click Add. The regions from that project will be added to your current project – move them, edit them and drop them wherever you like.

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