How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans

So, you’re a musician looking to add to what you can offer your fans. Well, the best way to do so, other than releasing new music and playing shows, is creating merch, and while it may be tempting to buy stock and send designs off for print, don’t! There is a much better and cost effective way to achieve the same result.

To get started and create your own merchandise it is as simple as following these 6 simple steps:

  1. Identify the audience that will buy your merch (this can be your followers on social media, your email list and so on)
  2. Find the best print on demand service provider
  3. Start designing
  4. Create your merch store
  5. Promote your merch to an audience

So today I’ll show you how to create merch and sell directly to your fans via your own website or a third-party mini website/page.

The service we’ll use is called Printful, a well known Print on Demand supplier, which means that you don’t have to pay a penny to have your merch made until you sell something (things are looking up aren’t they? and we haven’t even started 👍)

With Printful you can sell pretty much anything with your Logo on and also upload your own designs, t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, mugs, socks. bags you name it, so without further due let’s get started creating your merch store.

Step #1 – Sign up for Printful

Before you can start creating custom merchandise you’ll need to sign up for for free Printful account.

First head over to and hit sign up.


You’ll have the option to sign up using your Email Address, Google, Facebook or Apple ID

online store

Next you’ll need to answer a few questions about you plan to use Printful for, some of the options available are:

  • Order custom products for myself and my team
  • Grow my existing online business
  • Start my first online business
  • Sell merchandise to my followers
  • Im just playing around
selling merch

Once you have finished the sign up process, you’ll be taken into the dashboard where you’ll finish the rest of the set up process.

sell online

Step #2 – Confirm your email address and set up product templates

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 1

First hit verify your email address and you’ll be sent a link to your inbox to verify your account. and now we’re onto the fun part, designing custom merch, for this example we’ll design a t-shirt using the Your Local Musician logo.

Step #3 – Create your first product

Next hit pick a product under “create a product template”

create merchandise

Now go down to the bottom of the page and select “Create your first product template”.

create your first product template

Now you need to choose what type of t-shirt you want to design, is it for men or women? for this tutorial we’ll design a standard mens t-shirt.

own merchandise

For this example we’ll select mens clothing.

And then hit T-shirts.


From here you can select what kind of t-shirt you want your merch to printed on.

select t-shirt

For our design we’ll go with the first option Unisex Organic Cotton T-Shirt | Stanley/Stella STTU755, which printful themselves recommend.

black t-shirt

By default the color selection will be black, but you can easily change the colour of the t-shirt by selecting “choose colors”.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 2

For our design we’ll stick to the color black.

You can also choose between printing and embroidery, if you don’t know the difference, i’ll explain it below.

What is the difference between printing and embroidery?

When you choose printing your design will be printed directly onto the t-shirt via a laser printer, this option is often preferred as it is more cost-effective, choosing embroidery means that your design will be sewn on making the design more durable, longer lasting, but more expensive.

For now we’ll select printing.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 3

Step #4 – Upload your design

For our t-shirt we want to upload our logo and align the image so that it is perfectly centred.

To upload your design select “Choose file” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

choose file

Once that you have selected your logo and uploaded it onto Printful, you’ll be redirected to the media library selection and will need to select your image and then hit place by placing your curser over the image.


Once you have placed the image onto the blank t-shirt, by default the image might appear small like ours does below, but don’t worry this can easily be fixed with some minor edits.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 4

Place your cursor at either corner of the image and drag to the left or right to increase the size.

Once you have increased the size of your logo, you can then select and hold the image, and then drag up to centre it.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 5

After the image has been corrected, our design is pretty much done, you can also choose to add images to the back, outside label, inside label, left sleeve and right sleeve, but for this example we will keep our merch design simple and stick with just our front facing design.

Now that we’re satisfied with how the design looks, to get to the next stage we need to click “continue” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 6

Next in the process is finalising the product template, design, this is where you can enter a name for your product, and also add the sizes that you would like to make available.

Hit add sizes and tick the sizes you want to make available for your fans to buy.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 7

And from here we can now finalise the product template by hitting “save product template” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Now that we have a product template, we can choose to view it or add it to our store, hover over the product

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 8

Next in the process would be to connect Printful to our website platform so that we can sell our merch on our website.

Start by hovering over the product template and hit “Add to store”.

Step #5 – Connecting Printful to your website

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 9

Hit “Connect store” to starting setting up the Printful API with your website platform.

Printful is able to integrate with various different platforms such as the following:

  • WoCcommerce
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Magento

To see a complete list of Ecommerce platforms click here.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 10

Your Local Musician is run on WooCommerce so for this example we’ll choose that.

Start by hitting “Choose platform”.

Next we’ll choose WooCommerce from the list of available eCommerce platforms.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 11

For this example we already have an existing store to connect to, so the next step is simply installing the Printful Wordpress plugin and connecting to the API.

Printful has a very in depth guide on how to do this from that will ensure you don’t run into any issues.

You can read the guide here and get your website fully connected.

But to explain it quickly follow the steps below:

  1. Upgrade your WooCommerce to the latest version
  2. Enable REST API in your WooCommerce settings
  3. Make sure that permalink settings are not set to Plain
  4. Install the Printful plugin
  5. Connect your WooCommerce to Printful
  6. Start adding products

Watch the video tutorial below from the Printful YoutTube channel.

Through watching the video above you will now know that when you connect your store to the Printful API it can take care of all shipping requirements for you and even sends the order directly to Printful, meaning that you don’t to have do anything to fulfil the order.

All of the order information is sent directly to printful to take care of.

Next you can start adding products to your store, go back to “My Printful” in the dashboard and hit create new products.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 12

Select my product templates and select the product template that we made earlier.

finalise colors

Finalise your colors and sizes then hit proceed to mockups.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 13

In the next stage, you can choose between a variety of mockup styles that you can use as your product image on your website, for this we will stick to the default option and proceed onto the next step.

In the next stage we will name our product.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 14

After you have named your t-shirt, it’s time to proceed the part of the process that everyone is thinking about, Pricing!

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 15

In the two middle columns you can see printful’s price to print the t-shirt, and in the retail pricce section you can set the amount you would like to sell your t-shirt for.

Once you’re satisfied, hit save product and you’ll be able to import it into WooCommerce and you’ll be able to edit your product further in wordpress and make edits to necessary fields such as the description.

Step #6 – Order Samples

Now that you’re ready to sell merch on your website, you may want to order samples directly from Printful so that you can check out the quality of the print that your customers will receive.

personal orders

To order a sample hit new order in the top right hand corner of the screen and then hit personal orders.

sample order

Then hit sample order to get 20% discount on the order.

Select the product we made eariler and then proceed to the last stage in the order process fill out the shipping information and pay for the order.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 16

I had the T-shirt delivered and this is the result.

How To Create Merch and Sell To Your Fans 17

I ordered the t-shirt and this is what it looks like, the material feels comfortable to wear and overall, I would give a strong 10/10 out of for the whole service, after placing the order it arrived in 4 days, which I would say is more than adequate.

And that is how you set up your own merch store and sell to your fans directly via your own website, almost on complete auto-pilot.

It doesn’t matter whether you sell guitar loops like us, or music to your fans, Printful is a great option to get started selling merch to your fans.

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