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Rhythm Guitar Loops With Attitude

Ashes includes a set of 15 rhythm guitar loops with additional lead lines, played all on Electric Guitar through a set of industry renowned guitar pedals.

If you’re looking to add a crunchy tone to your beats then this is certainly the pack that will give it to you.

Played by George of Your Local Musician, these rhythm guitar loops were played using a Fender Stratocaster and as mentioned before a collection of high-quality pedal including:

  • TC Electronics – Rush Booster
  • Cafine Overdrive
  • Behringer Ultra Chorus UC200
  • Behringer Ultra Tremolo UT300
  • Behringer Digital Reverb DR600

Recorded at 44.1khz and exported as high quality 24-bit WAV Files and Mp3’s, each loop from Ashes is broken down into their own corresponding folder including stems.

Featuring a collection of expertly played guitar loops recorded between 70 and 155bpm in various major and minor keys, this pack will enable you to add the perfect guitar line to your music, no matter the genre. So if you want inspiration to create a new hit or to bulk out an existing project, you’re in the right place.

In detail here is what you’ll find in the pack:

We’ve spent days in the studio perfecting this pack to make it perfect, tweaking every parameter possible to ensure that you are left with the best rhythm guitar loops pack possible, dialling in classic flavours and tones including huge distortion, overdrive a mournful chorus and exotic flanger effects to make something truly unique for you the producer that’s in need of inspiration to create your next hit.

Ashes is compatible with ANY DAW system that accepts WAV files, chop and mangle these loops to the best of your ability, have fun and make something that you can be proud of.

Preview Ashes Rhythm Guitar Loops Below:

ll of the guitar loops in this sample pack was played live, through Fender LT25 amp, the stem files are separated by chords and lead lines

If you’re in need of a collection of guitar loops professionally recorded to add warmth or provide a foundational begging to your next track, fit for a wide range of musical styles irrespective of what you currently make.

Suited for various rhythmic styles your imagination is your only barrier when using Ashes.

How these guitar loops can help you.

Rhythm guitars can provide the foundational chord structure needed to spark an idea for a new song, or beat or can be added to existing songs to add a new life to your project.

Rhythm guitar brings an authentic nature to any song, due to the loops being played live.

These loops were played with the intention of being easy to chop, meaning that you will be able to make your own progressions

What playing techniques were used in these loops?

We used a wide variety of playing techniques to produce Ashes such as:

  • Fingerpicking
  • Up and down strokes
  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull offs
  • Bends
  • Slides
  • Palm-muting / muted notes

Are these loops compatible with my DAW?

All modern DAW systems accept WAV files, but if yours doesn’t it also features MP3s.

The guitar cannot be underestimated, if your music production has been lacking subtle harmonics, a heavy-hitting chord structure, then Ashes is the only refined collection of expertly played guitar loops you will ever need.

Specification: Ashes – Rhythm Guitar Loops

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Ashes – Rhythm Guitar Loops
Ashes – Rhythm Guitar Loops


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