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The KEY To Richer, Professional Synthesis

The key to richer, professional synthesis is to master the art of using multiple layers, filling out the frequency spectrum with elements that complement one another adding sonic character and a wholesome warmth to your music. It starts by adding 3 types of layers: Bass Layer The bass layer will ...

Why You Should NEVER Master Your Own Mixes

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to have some great mentors. All of who in my eyes have earned a badge of greatness for their own unique talents and view points. If you find the music production or audio engineering game at a young age, It's common that you might be as we ...

1 Simple Mixing Tip For Becoming a More Self Aware Producer

Have you ever worked on a project one night, mixed a mastered your work, went to bed, woke up the next day, listened to the same project and it sounds like a giant turd? The alarms bells are ringing in your head, right? We’ve all been there... Firstly, remember to slow down, one of the ...

Top 5 Logic Pro X Workflow Tips

Having a great workflow when working on any project is for me the number 1 secret to getting sh*t done, Simplifying your processes from start to end can not only make your time in the studio stress-free but will also improve your ability to churn out projects like your life depended on it. Today ...

How to Use BigKick – Kick Drum Synthesiser (Tutorial)

Even with a large collection of drums, sometimes finding the right kick seems like an on-going impossible task! well after 4 months of using BigKick from Plugin Boutique I can quite comfortably say that this Drum Synthesizer removes that stress almost entirely. BigKick gives you complete ...

3 HUGE Hip Hop Sample Pack Bundles To Invest In

With over 10 years experience behind me. I've built up a sample pack collection of nearly 5 TB. That's just out of what I've kept if I were to count everything I've deleted cause they were either shit or I just gradually fell out of love with them, that 5 TB would quickly become at least 50 TB. ...

£18,000 of University Debt, To Learn This One Mixing Tip

Today I want to share with you what 3 years and £18,000 of university debt cost me. The one golden nugget that I actually apply to my music. For years I've felt that my University Degree in Music Production was a waste of time! For the most part I still kind of do, If I  could take ...

Creating Track Stacks & How To Use Them

In this video tutorial, I explain how to create track stacks in Logic Pro X. I also give a clear example of in what situation track stacks would be most useful, using a beat of my own which you can listen to in full here. I also cover the differences between two different types of track ...

4 of The Best Tape Saturation Plugins Ever Developed

There's a lot of confusion around tape saturation, much of which arises from word of mouth and miscommunication, producers that advocate being HUGE lovers of the 'warmth' that analogue brings often dive in head first with tape saturation without ever really understanding the specifics of what it ...


The truth is, it's not inaccurate to say "do what the mix tells you (i.e. what the mix needs)". The same thing goes for mixing and songwriting (each of which are all very specific artforms, no less so than mastering.) Mastering, mixing, and songwriting ALL take a lifetime to learn, that is a ...

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