Where To Find VST Deals

Finding great VST Deals in this day and age can be a long drawling process, with so many developers out there it’s hard to find something that catches your eye, but more importantly something that fits within your budget.

If I ever feel like playing with a new toy in the studio during the weekend, a big part of that is literally finding something worthy of my hard-earned cheese stash.

Luckily there is now a way to make the process of finding great discounts on music production software.

VSTDeals.net is an excellent resource for music producers that want to keep their ear to the ground and know as and when discounts come out for their favorite plugins.

vst deals

How does it work?

VST Deals scowers the internet looking at market places and independent developers like Plugin Boutique, W.A. Production, Modern Producers, and many more to find deals on their products.

The easiest way to take advantage is to select a deal, read the details and then hit Buy It Now or Reveal Coupon depending on the type of deal it is.

vst deals

Deals are updated on a weekly basis and sent out exclusively to their email list.

Exclusive Deals from Your Local Musician

vst deals

You can also find exclusive deals on sample packs from us on the website as well as other sound designers which you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Right now you can save 50% off our Lo-fi Construction Kit The Chillness but keep your eyes on the website to save more off our other products.

Submit Your Own Deals

VST Deals also offers advertising packages for developers and sound designers which allows them to submit their own deals, but you must have a registered affiliate program to take advantage.

Here is how you can apply for an account and submit a deal.

vst deals

To apply for an account simply hit the Sign Up Now button on the home page.

vst deals

From here simply complete the sign up process and submit your details.

You’ll now receive an email with a link and activation code that you need to follow in order to activate your account.

Once you have activated your account, here is how you can submit your deals once your account is activated.

vst deals

Once you’re inside your account click the profile icon, and hit the option “Add your Deal“.

vst deals

Now you can fill in the details of your deal including the title, description, start and expiration date, coupon (if needed), and add images.

Once complete you can preview your deal and view what the page will look like if the deal is approved, once you’re happy submit your deal.

You’ll then receive an email once your deal is approved.

When you submit your deal you’ll need to provide a link to your affiliate registration page on your website, once VST Deals is accepted on to your program, your deal will be set live on our end.

This means that VST Deals can remain a free resource for Vendors to use to promote their products and be an excellent one stop shop for music producers to find deals that they can take advantage of.

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