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Tim Exile Releases FLOWs, Free Algorithmic Loop Sequencer

FLOWs is an algorithmic loop sequencer packed with 1GB+ of royalty-free loops meticulously curated from improvised jams on my Flow Machine from the last 5 years.

Tim Exile has done it again! the creator of some of the most downloaded Reaktor Ensembles has released FLOWs, an algorithmic loop sequencer designed for mutating sound loops, FLOWs is packed with 1GB+ of royalty free loops curated from improvised jams over a period of 5 years from Tim’s own Flow Machine.

Exile has stated FLOWs allows you to “explore, mutate and create sonic structures” using its powerful sound sculpting and modulation features.

FLOW’s allows you to layer and cross modulate up to four loops at once using an array of onboard effects including filters and envelopes, Switch between loops mid-way without losing sync and Modulate loop switching with random and cyclical LFOs.

Tim Exile’s FLOWs is available for free download but you’ll need a copy of Native Instruments’s free Reaktor 6 Player to use it. Have fun fucking up your loops (in a good way).

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