The Ultimate VST for Hip Hop Producers

We spoke, and we’ve finally been heard!

For what feels like years, Hip Hop Producers have been sent to the back of the classroom, feeling left out and drawn out.

While the EDM kids enjoy a front row seat and get all the best toys to play with, We Hip Hop heads are left to fend for ourselves and let our logic sessions run wild.

Well, after years of neglect and LBandyMusic have come together and created something just for us.

FINGERPRINT is a VST/AU plugin created with a user first approach, delivering simplicity to it’s finest.

Designed with tending to the every need of music producers in mind, This plugin was born because of a study titled Modern Music Producers 2016, 650 producers from all over the globe defined what their core needs were in the studio, The results were later compiled and used as the driving factor behind the development of FINGERPRINT.

What Makes it “The Ultimate VST for Hip Hop Producers”?

I know I’ve picked a HUGE title here, but here me out, FINGERPRINT really is a DO IT ALL plugin, with what feels like an Ultimate features list it deserves and Ultimate title.

It doesn’t matter whether you need drums, keyboards, bass, 808’s or chopped samples, FINGERPRINT can provide an endless source of inspiration and you’ll go from having an to idea, to tracking in no time.

The walkthrough video above shows just how diversified FINGERPRINT can be, While its core purpose may be focused towards being a great plugin for Hip Hop producers you’ll have no problem fitting these presets into other genres.

Featuring an array of control knobs such as Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, the user can also control the dynamics of FINGERPRINTS presets directly via the interface.

But Hold Up!

Yes we’ve given it the ultimate title, but even the most ultimate of things will eventually run dry, That’s why FINGERPRINT will never leave you short of sounds, soon you can expect a HUGE array of additional sound packs available to add at your own leisure and HUGELY extend FINGERPRINT’s existing sound library .

What I mostly liked about this VST :

  • It is possible to make great music with nothing but FINGERPRINT
  • Sounds great in live performance situations
  • If you’re a Hip Hop producer, The chopped samples will change your life!

More Details: FINGERPRINT By & LBandyMusic


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