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The Producers Choice Urban Strings – Review

This is a review for The Producers Choice Urban Strings Kontakt Library but before I touch on the specifics of the instrument I want to tell you what lead me to buy it. (click here to skip the bullshit and get to the good stuff)

When it comes to making new studio purchases for me it’s all about two things, quality and price! a lot of the time I find myself hesitant to buy anything because let’s face it who has a spare few hundred quid to spend every time a new bit of fancy kit or an expansion pack is released.

Yes, I scrimp and save but by the time I’ve mustered together any funds X number of new products have been released and I’m right back to square one.

A few months back I was after some realistic and reliable ensemble strings, so as most people might my first thought was to head over to Native Instruments and give Session Strings a try, it was a cost of £89 to swallow but a one-off treat.

But before you buy anything…

After a weekend away recording at Far Heath Recording Studios in Guilsborough Northamptonshire, during the session I had the chance to lay down some strings using Session Strings Pro and the quality of instrument blew me away! it was exactly what I was looking for.

Session Strings ProNow usually when a company sticks the word pro at the end of a product name that’s a pretty good indication that the price tag on said product is big!

Session Strings Pro retails for £249.00 and rightly so I will admit the instrument is superb and if you can afford it! buy it! it’s everything you could want out of a string library.


A few weeks after the weekend of recording I was still sitting on whether to buy Session Strings Pro but after looking at my finances I decided I could only really afford the standard Session Strings.

After a few days playing around and testing the instrument, I was vastly disappointed, compared to Session Strings Pro Session Strings sounded like cheap garbage! there is next to no dynamic control and in 2016 I expected so much more, you may think different but for me, it just wasn’t working out.

If I’m paying for a library and spending anything above £50 I have pretty high expectations, perhaps I’m just a cheapskate.

My workflow for composing isn’t complicated, I take each section piece by piece and then vibe to what I’ve created to compose the next session, the quality of Session Strings out of the box made it hard to do that.

Since then I’ve parked Session Strings and haven’t used it since.

The Producers Choice Urban Strings Kontakt Library – Review

Producers Choice Urban Strings

When it comes to strings for production there’s plenty of choices out there to choose from, Action Strings, LA Strings, Hollywood Strings and of course as we mentioned earlier Session Strings Pro!

However, there’s one problem when it comes to string libraries like these!

they will set you back a fortune!

They’re well known and their very good! but they will still set you back half a mortgage payment.

Urban Strings from The Producers Choice, however, is quite the opposite costing only $39 it might set you back a night out with the missus but you should be able to keep the roof over your head.

If you’re producing Urban music like Hip Hop or RNB than Urban Strings is tailored exactly to you, perfectly equipped for producing excellent sounds straight out of the box Urban Strings is perfect for anyone that wants to add high-quality Stabs, hits, spiccatos, pizzicatos, and ensembles to their music.

Here’s what Maschine Masters had to say:

Urban Strings from The Producers Choice adds a whole new element of wholesomeness, warmth, and can easily fill the canvas of a track.

Listen to the demo track below and decided for yourself:

Urban Strings is a professional grade string library that is easily comparable to the likes of the more premium costing string libraries like Session Strings Pro and Hollywood Strings.

With over 1.35GB of instruments & instrument stacks straight out of the box, you’re spoilt for choice for what to try first.

The Producers Choice seems to be quite arrogant about what they’ve created when it comes to Urban Strings, in my opinion, the arrogance is more than acceptable in this case stating that Urban Strings has “The Sound of a $500 String Library”

I wouldn’t say quite $500 but between 200 – 350 is more realistic.

The Producers Choice Urban Strings features:

  • 1.35GB – 23 Full Kontakt Instruments in total (including 6 Multi Instrument Stacks).
  • Also, comes as multi-sampled WAV version (C1-C6) to use with other samplers.
  • 9 Full String Ensembles, 2 Spiccato Patches, 2 Pizzicato Patches, 3 Orchestra Hits, 1 Tremolo, 6 Multi Instrument Stacks.
  • 200MB of royalty free orchestral loops and construction kits.

When developing Urban Strings The Producers Choice had one primary focus creating a BIG sound concentrating on mainly ensembles and giant staccato and pizzicato strings.

I’m a big fan of strings, speaking more so as a music lover they are the most expressive instrument group around therefore as a producer having a diverse library that can be used from genre to genre is an absolute must if you want professional sound in your music the included Cinematic patches prove that Urban Strings is a well-diversified instrument, not only will your fans think your the shit! but your missus will forgive you for skipping that night out with her.

Since purchasing Urban Strings I’ve found that not only is the sound quality of the patches is top notch! but its one of the most user-friendly interfaces I’ve seen in Kontakt instrument with just simply an ADSR and Vintage Mode controlling the dynamics and sound of your strings is easier in Urban Strings than any other string library.

Click Here to Buy Urban Strings for $39.


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