The KEY To Richer, Professional Synthesis

The key to richer, professional synthesis is to master the art of using multiple layers, filling out the frequency spectrum with elements that complement one another adding sonic character and a wholesome warmth to your music.

It starts by adding 3 types of layers:

1. Bass Layer

The bass layer will cover the 50 Hz – 500 Hz range and provide the low-end for your sound.

The lower end layer needs to be narrow in width, while the higher element can stand to be wider than your mid range layer. There are many reasons for this, but the main function of this practice is to keep your track from becoming muddy.

2. Mid Range

The mid range layer will cover the 500 Hz – 5kHz range and provide the oomph to the sound.

Adding a high-end layer to your main synth is easily accomplished by making a few tweaks to the pitch, EQ and perhaps an effect or two to change the sound slightly as well as raising the octave it is delivered in. Now when the new sound is layered on top of the original sound,  you’ll have a much more width and a richer sound overall.

3, Character Synth

The character synth layer will cover the 5 kHz -20 kHz range and provide the high-end detail.

As always, be sure to properly level, EQ, and compress each sound, this will make sure they blend together seamlessly!

The sound layering process isn’t as complicated as most people make it. Keep it simple!

Having these foundational layers set will fill out your track and provide your audience with enough sonic interest without having to throw unnecessary elements in that don’t blend well together.

If you find your layered synth doesn’t sound the way you want it to, try swapping out your existing layers for another sound before adding anything further.

Ensuring each element has EQ applied will solidify that each layer is not competing or creating conflicting frequency issues with each other. It really is that easy. Go ahead and give it a try and you’ll see that it makes for a much fuller and deeper bass.


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