Music & Defining Your Passion

When you’re a musician or a producer making your music a business seems like a dream, but most musicians only have a restricted view of the bigger picture and believe that making it too chart successes is the only way to make a living off your passion.

Most musicians I have met and worked with aren’t short of ideas when it comes to writing a song, but I’ve heard some great songs get wasted and only make it as far as a Youtube or Soundcloud account.

The first thing I want you to realise is there’s nothing wrong with where you are right now, there are a lot of people that make a respectable living from playing you a cheeky number on a market square, in-fact only recently one of my closest friends told me that a singer he’s started working with is making £200 a day minimum from busking around the Midlands!

Now at this time of the year, the cold weather would be utter shit and I would imagine he has to take some time off because I know if it was me I would definitely be prone to a cold and if anyone wanted to talk they would for sure get snotted on.

Let’s get back to the point who out of your reading this article makes £200 a day? All I’m saying is I would feel pretty happy that I was paying the bills with music.

Defining your passions

Someone recently asked me how i define what my passions are? at first i didn’t really know what to say but i had a think about it and came back to them, i wouldn’t categorise my passion to be strictly music in the sense of all i think about is making it big and producing big acts, what i would say is my passion is simply creating! and music is just the art-form that found me, i get real satisfaction from not only making beats but creating tools that make the process easier for me and sharing them with others alike, hence why i give away so many free downloads on this blog.

Now it’s easy enough to assume that in your day to day lives you sit and constantly think about writing your next song, wrapping up your next EP or finishing your latest beat, it’s all i think about in my 9 – 5 so if you’re anything like me I can almost guarantee you’re the same.

Ever since I got into music I became extremely entrepreneurial and always tried to think of ways to better my situation, I come from a pretty average background my parents were neither rich or poor if I wanted something I might not have got it straight away but they damn sure tried to find a way to get me what I wanted if they felt I had earned it.

In my 9 – 5 I’m an SEO consultant which most of the time has me screaming at my laptop like this … 

music marketing

I will be the first to admit I love my job and I do plenty outside of work to market my skills around my local area and get involved in local business and the local music scene.

One thing I have always been sure of since leaving school is that achieving chart success would not be the only option for me so I started to study topics related to my number one passion (production).

I all of a sudden had a huge liking for sound design, live sound, mixing and mastering, and sharing the things that I had learned once iI had realised the power of the internet and the size of the audience I could reach, from doing exactly that I began to realise that I didn’t need to be 1 fish in a huge pond and if I really wanted to achieve something I had to get creative.

When I first started in SEO I learned quickly that in order to become successful it was all about learning how to engage an audience and understand what makes them tick in order to achieve a conversion (sale’s) and what was my first job? an E-Commerce Manager for an Electrical Wholesalers! and learning what leads people to buy a lightbulb was no easy task! it was also soul destroying but i did learn an awful lot during the year that I was there.

Marketing your music is no different than marketing a lightbulb you have to understand what people who listen to your genre want what makes them tick and how exactly to give it to them, a great resource i have recommended to a lot of people is Ben Sword’s Music Marketing Cheat Sheets.

Cheating at Marketing!

Ok, so it’s not really cheating! but with how easy Ben makes the steps that easy it kind of feels it.

In the course, Ben teaches how exactly to engage your audience and the nitty gritty behind music distribution and promoting your music online:

In the course he teaches:

  • website optimisation
  • sales funnels
  • fan engagement
  • tips on how to drive traffic online and make sales

Sign up to his course and give him a shot! A word of warning the opening video is a  little loud, so turn down your volume a little.

Over 25,000 people so far have signed up to see what the music marketing classroom can offer and it has had an awful lot of positive reviews.

Just remember the whole point of this blog post was to open your eyes and ears a little bit more and to help you understand that there are a lot more ways out there to make a living from your passion then you might have traditionally thought, Ben offers lots of practical advice in this course so if you’re serious and actually want to follow through and start making a difference, then ben is the man to show the way to get it started.

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