Why You Should NEVER Master Your Own Mixes

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have great mentors.

All of who have in my eyes have earned a badge of greatness for their own unique talents and viewpoints.

If you find the music production or audio engineering game at a young age, It’s common that you might be as we British say, “Up your arse” I’m not saying everyone is! It’s just a common trait I’ve seen in a lot of youngsters starting out.

One big mistake I can almost guarantee we’ve all been guilty of is taking on too much!

We want to be the best and naturally, want to take on every task at once, whether that be making a beat, mixing, or mastering, it doesn’t matter exactly what you do but you can’t deny you’ve probably landed yourself in this position more than once.

I know I have.

However, If I could give you any advice when it comes to all this craziness!

It would be the same thing one of my old college tutors taught me.

You Should NEVER Master Your Own Mixes!

If you want to make beats, One of your main skillsets as a producer is mixing!

Mastering is a completely separate art!

There are mixing engineers, and there are mastering engineers, The two should always be kept separate.

The reason for just that is the point of mastering is to bring a completely fresh set of ears to the project, they won’t hear the music the same way you do.

Your ears get used to the sound around you and will perceive it in a different way, you don’t want that!

OK this feels like a rant.

You have to comment below if I’m right, promise?… Cool

Your making beats out of your bedroom right! Well, it may come as a shock but…

You don’t have the room or the gear designed for mastering.

And always remember mastering isn’t just controlling dynamics and making the project louder, If that’s what you think it is, my friend, you need to hit the books.

If your planning on releasing a project and intent to make some “cha-ching” from it, It’s always best to hire a professional, The investment is small and the payoff is big.

Trust me.


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