6 Tips for Making a Music Video

Are you interested in growing your fan base and making money from your music? Here are our top 6 tips for creating an awesome music video, compiled with the help of music video specialists and visual jockeys. Learning everything you need to know about showcasing your next track only takes one or two.

Music Video Production

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1. Make sure you start with your best track

An excellent song is the foundation of any good music video. When you critique your track, be honest with yourself (and your bandmates), and ask other musicians/producers you trust for their honest opinions.

Do you think it’s the best version it could be? Is this release awesome? Have you taken the time to make it so? Can you showcase yourself in the best way possible, and does it reflect who you are as an artist/band?

That’s great! Your track is great. Let’s make a movie.

2. How would you like the video to look?


Is your song supposed to tell a story visually? Can you film any key characters that will visually strengthen your music video? Would you be able to go out and film if you had the budget/relationships/time?

The visual

It might be better to have more abstract content, bold visual elements can be a great way to grab people’s attention, and we have over 500 video clips, so you can start making your music video immediately.


Would you like to perform your track live to a camera in a performance video? Do you have a gig coming up in a cool location where you can film? Do you know a cool location to shoot?

3. Create a Mood Board

It is a collection of images representing your music video’s mood. You can use photos, color swatches, stills from films, elements of your branding, or anything else that will help you visualize what your video will look and feel like.

Mood boards can be made using screenshots from this platform, with more than 6000 clips available for you to browse for inspiration.

4. Choose a video form

Similarly to color, shapes and elements in your video also convey a message. A street in an urban area feels different from a street on a beach or a balloon. Your video should have footage that supports the colors and narrative of your video.

5. Be aware of your audience

How many fans do you have around the world? How can you provide your fans with content that is meaningful to them? It is essential for your fans to feel comfortable with your color palette and content. Suppose how it would be if you were watching your video for the very first time – you want to engage them, not bore them. Are you interested in watching more?

6. Make exclusive use of content

You should shoot your footage in landscape mode for music videos since this is the best format for scaling to larger screens. Our stock clips can be combined with your footage to create great final videos.

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