3 iOS Music Production Apps You Need

As quick as new technology is made Industries change at an equal rate, the music industry is no exception, the days of the 4 track recorder are long gone and the way we make music today is far different to how we made it 50 to 60 years ago, we’ve built DAW’s, created new ways to synthesise sound and we can do it all with a laptop and headphones, but as technology progresses not only can we do it with a laptop but with the devices in our pockets as well, thousands of apps have been developed some brilliant! some not! but these are the top 3 I won’t be coming away from anytime soon.


Native Instruments iMaschine

I don’t know if you guys have heard of a little company called Native Instruments? Of course, you have! after all, I am talking about the almighty lord of the music production industry.

Native Instruments iMaschine is the travel version of the companies most beloved bit of gear, Maschine! this pocket drum machine gives you 16 pads of real-time production to make some killer beats on the go, its built-in library of over 400 sounds 25 kits and 10 projects gives you more than enough variety than you could ever want.

iMaschine has the ability to record vocals and load them into your project as well as add effects to individual channels, using keyboard mode and the live-mode sequencer will make you look like a crazy person while having your morning coffee.

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Akai iMPC Pro

If your old school like me once upon a time you would have had or still have an Akai MPC, well the only way I can describe the iMPC is simply that its a digital representation with the same MPC experience as you had in the old days, I can understand if your traditionalists and feel a bit skeptical but try it out you wont regret it! just to twist your arms further the iMPC has 64 track capability, built-in sampling functionality, a massive sound library, 3-D performance, knobs\faders, sample chopping capability, note repeat, live sequencing, and 3-band EQ.

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Moog Filtatron

If you’ve been in the music production game for a while, eventually you will have stumbled across Moog! their synths have placed their own unique stamp on electronic music since 1968 and have continued to innovate ever since,  the Moog Filtatron is the warm Moog filter we know and love and this iPhone App is a bundle of fun to use and experiment with, capable of recording sounds of up to 10 MB at once and the ability to modulate your recordings with built-in FX’s  such as overdrive and delay gives you the ability to be able to create something truly original.

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