Are MIDI Kits royalty free?

Our MIDI Kits are 100% royalty free for purposes such as selling beats online for leases and exclusives, uploading to streaming platforms, selling CD’s and Vinyl’s, YouTube monetisation and much more.

The same applies to landing placements with major label artists, no matter the situation you will never have to clear rights with us and you will retain your full rights.

If you have any further questions, email us on [email protected].

What is a MIDI chord pack?

A MIDI chord pack contains a collection of musical pieces in the form of MIDI Data, which can be used in a wide variety of Digital Audio Workstations to create a foundational beginning for an instrumental or song.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, it works by transmitting digital signals to Software Instruments to create sound.

What are MIDI Loops?

MIDI Loops allow a much greater variety of freedom than audio loops and samples, MIDI files allow you to change the instrument, key, tempo and much more without any loss in sound quality, this is done by simply changing your project settings in your DAW by changing your VST Instrument to whatever you desire.

What are Melodic Loops?

Melodic Loops are a collection of musical pieces found in what is known as a sample pack or loop pack, used to create the foundational beginnings of a song or instrumental. Although they are composed by other people there are plenty of creative ways to make them your own.

Some examples include:

Slicing the loop and rearranging it
Pitching the loop up or down
Reversing it.

Do professionals use loops?

It is considered your own personal artistic choice whether or not you want to use melody loops in your beats and instrumentals. Many professional producers are known to have used loops in hit records and have become very successful. Often loops are used in genres such as: Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, EDM, Dance and more.

What are Guitar Loops?

Guitar Loops are a collection of musical fragments played on either the acoustic or electric guitar, usually they are found as either a part of a loops pack or can be purchased on an individual basis completely outright or as part of a subscription service.

Where can I get free drum samples?

You can download free drum samples from either our free downloads section or from other third-party websites.

Are drum samples royalty free?

All samples from Your Local Musician including our drum kits are completely 100% royalty free, this means that when you purchase a kit from us you do not have to pay any royalty’s to us whether your music is placed in a TV Show, Game or is used by a major label artist.

Are sample packs worth buying?

Buying sample packs is a legitimate way to inspire new kinds of creativity in your music production, if you’re not by trade a great sound designer then buying sample packs is a great way for you to ensure that you have ground breaking sounds at your disposal.

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