3 Cheap Web Hosting Services for your Band’s Website 

So you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist, You’ve decided to start promoting your music online and probably already stumbled across that WordPress may be your best option.

Before you make any sudden decisions you need to know what your options are when it comes to web hosting, so today I will hold your hand throughout what might be a very confusing time for you depending on what experience you have when it comes to this internet malarkey.

Firstly there are plenty of cheap web hosting services out there but depending on what you want to achieve with your band’s website it’s better to know what your options are rather than jumping in head first and choose the first one you come across with a nice price tag (believe me I’ve done it and I regret it!).

The hosting services I’m going to suggest I have personally tried and tested throughout a period of years, to the best of my knowledge no hosting service is 100% flawless but there is a handful that I can comfortably say deserve a tidy score of 99%.

Good hosting is a VERY important fundamental for ensuring a website performs well in search engines and complements a great user experience. Before we get stuck into what your options are I want you to take a minute to read the following points I’m about to make at least twice over and make sure they stick in your head because they are VERY important!

As most people may think in this case cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the service is bad!

Unless your a Zuckerberg or a Musk, we’re all trying to cut costs and can’t afford to be forking out a fortune on hosting every month, a few years back I honestly thought web hosting companies didn’t understand that average joes like me and you don’t have a disposable $150/£120 to spend on things that aren’t essential to our survival (food, water, electric). Since then a lot of companies seem to have pulled their fingers out and lowered their prices making their services more accessible to a lot more people.

The elements listed below are exactly what you need to look out for to really ensure you’re getting a great deal.



Now I’m hoping in the comments I don’t have to convince you of the importance of uptime,

Find out how reliable your prospective host is; when you’re doing this, it’s important to read the fine print. Often, hosts will stretch the truth a bit (claiming 99.9% uptime, not counting almost everything that could go wrong), so make sure you understand exactly what “100% uptime” means. It would be a wise move to google around and see what other users and reviewers have said about the host.



If you’re not too clued up on how websites work you should NEVER negelect support if your hosting service offers it (99% do) if something goes wrong that you know you’re not responsible for, you should have 24/7 support via email or phone.



Even cheap web hosting services will offer some kind of system to backup your site, when I first started I accidentally deleted an entire I was working on for a client! (it was a major dum dum moment) luckily I contacted my host and because they provide automatic backup every day, I was able to get the site back up and running, ensure the host you choose offers a recovery plan and that they back up their backups! it sounds silly but trust me you can never have too many backups.



As your band’s name grows your hosting provider should grow with it! while you may be small at the minute when your name gets bigger your website will be getting more traffic from your fans, ensure your provider offers multiple tiers of hosting, If traffic goes through the roof make sure you upgrade so that the server your site is on can handle the change.


Exit Strategy

Even if you’re excited about everything your new hosting provider offers ensuring they have a suitable exit strategy in place must not be overlooked (always read the fine print) this alone could save you alot of stress in the future, if one day you decide to take your business elswhere for whatever reason a suitable exit strategy will ensure you can move your domain and website to a new provider without a too much hassle, if a provider is confident in their service they won’t need to make it difficult.

Now that we’ve got the slightly more boring stuff out the way lets get stuck into the reason you’re actually here, finding cheap web hosting services that you can rely on.

Cheap Web Hosting Services for 2017 and Beyond …



cheap web hosting services

Sign up for Dreamhost

Dreamhost are recommended by thousands of WordPress users and are highly regarded as one of the best hosting services around! hosting over 1.5 million websites they won themselves an impressive array of awards throughout 2016.

With a long list of features satisfying both businesses and bloggers Dreamhost offer 3 plans starting from as low as $7.95 a month each of which feature:

  • unlimited disk storage space,
  • email,
  • monthly data transfers.
  • Your first .com, .net, .org domain free
  • 100% uptime
  • One-click WordPress install
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Scales to handle traffic spikes with no bandwidth caps
  • 24/7 Support

As well as offering one of the best web hosting services around Dreamhost also offer Managed VPS Hosting built for speed and scalability, Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Computing & Object Storage all of which you probably need for a band website but if your a business and just happened to stumble across this article I would consider it.



cheap web hosting services

Sign up for Bluehost

Bluehost hail themselves as “The Best Web Hosting” hosting over 2 million sites worldwide they have certainly made a splash in a crowded industry! starting at as little as $3.95 a month they are one of the cheapest web hosting services on this list.

With multiple hosting packages available Bluehost offer a variety of included features that can benefit your band website such as:

  • FREE Domain
  • FREE Site Builders
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money back guarantee
  • Over $150 in advertising offers on Google, Bing and other leading sites to help your brand grow
  • 100% uptime
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily Backups and whole arm length of things more!

To add to their already world renowned hosting services Bluehost also other a wide range of other services including, shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, next-gen VPS hosting, dedicated hosting for large corporations.

Bluehost host some of the world’s most popular websites, so to say your in good hands is defiantly nothing short of the truth.




cheap web hosting servicesSign up for HostGator

HostGator are one of the most popular and cheap web hosting services in the world! offering 10 different hosting packages and not including the other services they provide, they are constantly innovating and improving what they provide their customers, with plans starting from as little as $3.95 a month and other plans not increasing much more than that, Hostgator’s plans offer the same as both Bluehost and Dreamhost but take it to a whole different level.

  • EASY Control Panel
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • $100 Google AdWords Offer
  • $100 Yahoo!/Bing Credit
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support

Hostgator already host some of the world’s most popular sites and their reliability is backed up by a lot of reputable blogs in the music, SEO and WordPress niches, when you sign up to HostGator an added advantage is you can start promoting your site straight away with $200 add credit that can be used in Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo.

Hosting packages from HostGator include Web hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Remember firstly when you start promoting your music through your website using WordPress you’ll first need a theme, the place I recommend going to for some cheap deals on great looking themes is Themeforest and search Music.


You’ll be presented with a wide range of WordPress themes suitable for music related websites.

Soon as your site up and running you’re ready to go ahead and start promoting your music.

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