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4 of The Best Tape Saturation Plugins Ever Developed

There's a lot of confusion around tape saturation, much of which arises from word of mouth and miscommunication, producers that advocate being HUGE lovers of the 'warmth' that analogue brings often are the ones that dive in head first with tape ...

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10 of the best free VST/AU plugins to download from 2016

Top 10 Free Plugins from 2016 There's no greater time to be in music production than right now, Practically any instrument or effect you could want is only a few clicks away, the best part is you needn't shell out an arm and a leg for them. ...

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FREE Synister Synthesizer from TU-Berlin Students

A group of nine TU-Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) students in 2016 developed and released Synister, a free (open source) virtual synthesizer VST/AU plugin for PC and Mac based DAW's. The Synister Synthesizer for me has shaped up to be an ...

Audio Damage FuzzPlus3

Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 (Free Download) Are you pure filth? Then FuzzPlus3 from Audio Damage is right up your street, this free plugin delivers some dirty filtered results. Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 Specs » Accurate digital model of a vintage ...

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