Audio Damage FuzzPlus3

Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 (Free Download)

Are you pure filth? Then FuzzPlus3 from Audio Damage is right up your street, this free plugin delivers some dirty filtered results.

Audio Damage FuzzPlus3 Specs

» Accurate digital model of a vintage distortion pedal’s circuitry.

» Resonant low-pass filter modeled on the MS20 analog synthesizer.

» Self-feedback control for exploring new sonic territory.

(In less pretentious language: feeds the output back to the input, which sounds cool on some stuff, and moderate on other stuff. Your mileage may vary.)

» Cross-platform XML-based preset mechanism for easy sharing and saving of presets.

» Animated procedural OpenGL-based user interface. No bitmaps were harmed in the making of this plug-in.

» Surround-capable for all formats up to 7.1, for all your surround-sound distortion needs.

» Did we mention it’s free?

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