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The 5 Best VST Plugins of 2017

While 2017 is nearing to a close, I’ve taken some time to sit back and reflect on what have been the best VST plugins released throughout the year.

If you’re in need of a face-melting hip-hop bass plugin or a new virtual synthesizer, take a look at the options on this list and you won’t be disappointed.

Many of these plugins are available in both VST and AU formats and work on both MAC and Windows machines, and compatible with the vast majority of DAW’s.

1. Bangin Bass 2 by Music Weapons

Banging Bass 2 from Music Weapons is a popular bass engine predominately aimed at urban music producers.

Packed with instantly useable presets straight out the box, Banging Bass 2 is 3 times larger than its predecessors containing a huge library of sounds and a multitude of velocity options, meaning that you will get different tones dependent on how hard you play.

Banging Bass 2 is perfect for producers making a variety of different urban genres, including New York City style Hip-Hop, West Coast, RNB, you name it! BB2 has a patch that will fit your style, I just picked a few of my favourites out of a hat.

Product Includes:

  • All new library 3X the size of the original
  • Extremely High-Quality Audiophile grade sound quality from double precision audio engine
  • Touchscreen Compatibility from Drum Weapons 3
  • Multiple Velocities per patch, the tone changes depending on how hard you play
  • Extensive onscreen GUI editing options to tailor each patch to your needs
  • Compatible with any program that runs VSTi or AU plugins on PC or MAC

More Details: Bangin Bass 2

2. Superior Drummer 3

If you haven’t ever heard of Superior Drummer before, where the hell have you been?

Superior Drummer 3 is a virtual studio drum production plugin from notable developers Toontrack, Since before I can remember Superior Drummer has been the go-to plugin for studio-grade acoustic drums without needing to recording a real-life human drummer.

Version 3 I can comfortably say knocks the socks off the previous 2, with an upgraded sound library recorded by one of the best engineers in the industry George Massenburg, With his credentials in mind the list of capabilities this instrument provides makes me hold Superior Drummer in the highest of expectations, and the great thing is!

It does not disappoint!

Instead of me writing my feelings down like an excited like fanboy let me show you everything this plugin includes:

Key Features

  • Over 230 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds in 44.1 kHz/24 bit
  • 6 Drum Kits and additional instruments
  • Recorded with an additional eleven separate room microphones set up in a surround configuration for a completely immersive experience
  • Playback in stereo or up to 11 channel surround systems
  • Engineered by George Massenburg
  • Integrated offline audio to MIDI conversion
  • Approx. 350 vintage and classic drum machine sounds
  • 35 mixer effects
  • New and improved scalable interface with detachable windows
  • Edit Play Style, Tap2Find, Song Creator and Song Track features as well as improved workflow and search functionality
  • Built-in MIDI grid editor
  • DAW automation for built-in macro controls
  • Drag & drop and import for individual and third party samples
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts

More Details: Superior Drummer 3

3. Movement by Output

Best VST Plugins

Movement By Output is the first in a foray of VST Plugins to come from the award winning company that brought you the First Modern Vocal Engine – Exhale.

Not the first of its kind but definitely the best Movement is a mind-bending rhythm engine, capable of adding powerful rhythm effects to any input in real-time making it perfect for live performance as well as studio use.

I wouldn’t say this is one of the best VST plugins of 2017!

I would say this is the best VST plugin EVER!

That’s a bold statement, but trust me on this one, Movement is worthy of your time and investment.

When I look to heavily invest in new sounds or a new instrument, the two items that I always look to tick off my checklist are ingenuity and uniqueness, they may kind of sound like the same thing, but in my head, it makes sense.

For me, Movement ticks both boxes.

Product Features:

  • 300+ Presets for instant playability
  • Input any sound, instrument or track
  • Modulate any parameter with any rhythm in real time
  • Sidechain, LFO, Step Sequencer rhythm modulation
  • Output’s proprietary Flux and Randomizer
  • Advanced sidechain modulation – modulate any parameter
  • Analog filters, EQ, delay, distortion, compression and reverb effects
  • XY pad for performance
  • Built for live performance and for the studio
  • Simple design and ease of use

New in Movement V1.1

  • Reverse delay
  • Hi-pass/Low-pass EQ mode
  • Faster load time/ Less CPU Load

More Details: Movement by Output

4. Funky Soul Keys: Virtual Instrument Plugin

best vst plugins

As an avid believer that trap music of 2017 is a pile of bull! I want to focus everything I do on the belief that Old School Type Hip Hop will make its way back and people will begin to see the light and know that mumble rap is actually what it says in the title “Mumbling” thats, not music is it?

Funky Soul Keys from Big Citi Loops is one instrument that reinforces the feeling in me that REAL hip hop will always find its way back, no matter how many bullshit sub-genres distract the kids along the way.

‘Funky Soul Keys: Virtual Instrument Plugin’ features six grand pianos and six electric pianos that are multi-velocity sampled at 44.1kHz, 24-Bit.

Big Citi Loops have done things with this instrument that truly make me feel like these pianos were recorded in the 90’s.

Intentionally leaving in, pops, clips and turntable air noises gives the samples a feeling real warmth and analogue treatment.

Product includes:

• Mac & PC Compatible
• Piano & Rhodes Virtual Instrument
• ADSR, Pan and Reverb
• Kontakt Library: Funky Soul Keys 7.36 GB of samples
• Reason REX: Funky Soul Keys 5.07 GB of samples
• VSTi Plugin: Funky Soul Keys 5.52 GB (Please Download Separate for Virtual Software)


• Ableton Live!
• Cubase
• Digital Performer
• FL Studio
• Logic
• Nuendo
• Reaper
• Sonar & Sonar X2 x64
• Pro Tools

More Details: Funky Soul Keys

5. Hades Cannon VST

Hades Cannon is a great virtual synthesizer that I’ve used on ruffly 10 – 15 projects this year, I want you to bear in my mind that no instrument in this list is placed by order of value they are literally my top 5 favourite VST’s and I use them in equal measure. The reason I say that is because this VST is one that should not be overlooked!

Packed with GROUNDBREAKING sounds ranging from:

  • 808s
  • Bass
  • Synth
  • Brass
  • Choir
  • Strings
  • Plucks
  • Leads
  • Pads and much more

Hades Cannon is the newest vst to on this list having only been born a few months back, however, its impressive range of sounds have earned it a crowning spot with a great future ahead of it.

Product includes:

  • Compatible With Both PC & MAC 32bit & 64bit
  • Comes In Both VST & Audio Unit Formats
  • Includes 50 Amazing Presets To Start
  • Many Future Expansions Planned

VST Functional Effects include:

  • Reverb
  • LFO Depth
  • LFO Rate
  • Amp Low
  • Amp High
  • ADSR Envelope
  • Glide
  • Pan
  • Volume
  • LFO Wave
  • LFO Type
  • LFO Source
  • Quality
  • Velocity
  • Voice Mode
  • Pitch Bend
  • Modulation Wheel

More Details: Hades Cannon VST

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